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Welcome to the Winthrop Yacht Club Dockmaster section

The Dockmaster phone is (617)-846-6209 X3

We Monitor Ch. 78


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For any questions, the Dockmaster email is [email protected] and phone is (617)846-6209 X3

Temporary Slip Rental at WYC

The Winthrop Yacht Club offers TSR (Temporary Slip Rental) to it's members who do not have seasonal slips. These rentals are on a space available basis and cost $20/day. You can rent the slip for as long as you desire, provided that there is space available. To allow equal time for all who have no slips, you may be asked to empty your slip in order to make space for another member, who has not been in yet. Since all slips have seasonal owners who may bring in their boats, and there may be more requests than available slips, you will have to be ready to move your boat within 24-48 hours of notification.


In order to be able to TSR your boat at the Winthrop Yacht Club,you will need the following:

  • Have your boat registered with the Marina Administrator.
  • Have a copy of your valid Registration and insurance, which includes a liability coverage of at least $300,000 submitted to the Marina Administrator.
  • Be available to move your boat within 1 day of notification by the Dockmaster.
  • It is strongly recommended that you subscribe to the Win-YC email list. All announcements are published there. Instructions on how to join can be found on the main WYC website,

If you did fill in your a slip application, your boat is registered at the WYC automatically. if not, please fill in the form in this link and submit it to the Marina Administrator.

Submittal of these forms can be done either by enclosing a copy in the Black Box between the Commodore's Locker and the Wisely Room, or faxing them to (617) 846-6209 X3


You need to send an email 2-4 days prior to your desired date to the Dockmaster, requesting a slip with your arrival, and estimated departure dates. If you don't have access to email, or your request is immediate, you can call (617)846-6209 X3

The Dockmaster will respond to you with your assigned slip location in the marina. See image above.

After you bring in your boat, you need to go to the club lounge area and find the following TSR slip with your name on it.:

This slip is available in the glass cabinet at the entrance of the lounge area.

  • If you can not find the slip, contact the Dockmaster, or a member of the Marina Committee, who fill fill out your slip according the the data posted on the wall
  • Bring it to the bartender, and pay for at least two weeks, or the duration of your stay if it is less than two weeks. The TSR rate is $15/day. The bartender will give you a white cash register slip, and the pink and yellow copies of the form.
  • Return the pink copy to the slot above the TSR slips on the wall and keep the yellow copy and the white slip for yourself. This is your proof of payment should there be a question.

We do require that the TSR fees are paid two weeks in advance. If you are staying for more than two weeks, please make sure that you have a positive running balance by making at least bi-weekly payments in advance.

It is important that you inform the Dockmater via email (preferred) or phone the day you bring your boat into the slip, as well as the day you leave.

Please don't leave the docks without paying the remainder of your balance, as that will jeopardize your ability to TSR for the rest of the season.

If you have any questions on the TSR procedure, please feel free to email [email protected] or call (617)846-6209 X3