Visitor Info

Visiting privileges are by invitation only and are extended to specific Clubs based on those Clubs’ ability to return a similar level of hospitality such as marina facilities and food and beverage service.

Visiting boaters cannot moor at the Club in order to patronize other establishments in Winthrop
MBYCA members should confirm with their Club’s Secretary or Commodore that their Club has received an invitation before visiting the Winthrop Yacht Club.

Boaters seeking to visit the Winthrop Yacht Club should contact the WYC launch operator (Channel 78) to confirm eligibility and availability.

If approved by the launch operator, visitors will be directed to a vacant mooring. Visitors entering our clubhouse for food and beverage service will be required to provide a credit card in the sponsoring visitor’s name and maintain a single tab for all occupants of each boat to which a 20% gratuity will be added at time of payment.  

Should you have any questions, please contact the Secretary at [email protected]